This site is a portfolio of my Artwork. My work is developed using various digital techniques of Photography, 3D CAD, Computer Rendering and Video.



Artist Statement:


I have an interest in the development of a post-industrial / historical narrative to provide a questioning element to the context of today’s developmental activities.


I use software to abstract real life subjects. Indifferent to commercial practice, the quest is not one of superficial realism: rather the development of imagery to its simplest effective form. The main body of work is based on portraiture and social commentary relating to our family home.


Untitled Street : marks our depature from our street.


Family Portrait: In conception this is a photographic record of every house on our block. The collage combines the houses into an elevation format and it is illustrated with content that expresses the social context of our street.


Cityscapes :Uses local archives of mapped data of the Cardiff area. The terrace is a very British phenomenon, a familiar context of the industrial revolution. The work was in principle carried out as ghosting exercise, to document our time in Splott; ironically we are still here. Throughout the work I try to portray sadness at the modern consumer condition while echoing the loss of the postindustrial past.


3bits: takes a wider view of the postindustrial city. The scale and scope of the content has multiplied to focus on a swipe through the city. The visual representations are reminiscent of circuit boards and reference computing technology in an adverse way.


Family Portrait, Cityscapes and 3 bits were produced during a period of boom and mass development and relate back to memories of the Cardiff docklands, predominately from my younger years.


Flowers are in essence a diversion: I’ve been fascinated by the ability of the computer to replicate and copy. For the past 5 years I have been developing methods of replication, to form a 3 dimensional density using flowers as the subject matter.Flowers are a subject matter I seem to return to on a regular basis www.elysjohn.com